Research briefing series

We created the Drinkaware Research Briefing series to reach out to all stakeholders to build a community of active and interested researchers in the health and behaviour change space. We encourage collaboration both with us and each other through creating an opportunity where we can collectively discuss issues relating to alcohol in Ireland and in so doing, contribute to sharing learnings and knowledge. Email Dr Ann Stokes, Research & Impacts Manager, to be added to our email invite list for future events

Upcoming briefing

Keep an eye out for details of our Spring Research Briefing in 2022

Past briefings

Winter 2021

Wellbeing and Behaviour Change 

Talk 1: Promoting wellbeing and behaviour change using prompts 
Speaker: Dr David Comerford, Behavioural Economist and Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling. Dr. Comerford. He will consider the implications for behaviour and how a simple prompt may be effective at getting us to identify and choose what is in our best interest.

Talk 2: Young adults’ relationships with alcohol 
Speaker: Donal Kiernan, Addiction Counsellor, University College Dublin. Donal will talk about his experiences of being an advocate for young adults, building relationships with students and how they manage their relationships with alcohol.

Summer 2021

A year on – drinking behaviours and attitudes in Ireland in the context of COVID-19 in 2021

John O’Mahony, Director at Behaviour & Attitudes, presented a detailed overview of findings from our 2020 Alcohol & Covid-19 Barometer. Read the topline findings.

Spring 2021
Alcohol use among teenagers: Evidence from the 3-year independent evaluation of the Junior-Cycle Alcohol Education Programme  

Talk 1: Human behaviour and the importance of storytelling in research 
Speaker: David McWilliamsrenowned global economist, broadcaster, author and Adjunct Professor at Trinity College Dublin 

Talk 2: Key findings from the Evaluation of Drinkaware’s Junior Cycle Alcohol Education Programme 
Speaker: Professor Sinead McGilloway, Founder and Director Centre for Mental Health and Community Research, Department of Psychology Maynooth University

Read the summary report  

Winter 2020
Why don’t we do what we know is good for us? How can we change that?

Talk 1: How innate (confirmation, cognitive) biases and the environment we live in can stop us from retaining or digesting information and messages that are good for us
Speaker: Padraig Walsh, Behavioural Psychologist, Director ChangeAble Behaviour Solutions ltd.

Talk 2: Case study of engaging and listening to the public: Save the Children Early Years Programme, Northern Ireland
Speaker: Ben Caspersz, Behaviour Change Expert, Founder and Managing Director Claremont Comms (UK)

Read the key takeaways

Autumn 2020
Drinking behaviours and attitudes in Ireland in the context of Covid-19
John O’Mahony, Director at Behaviour & Attitudes, presented a detailed overview of findings from our 2020 Alcohol & Covid-19 Barometer. Read the topline findings

Summer 2020
Understanding (intentional/unintentional) binge drinking at home in Ireland

Dr Ann Stokes, Drinkaware Research & Impacts Manager, discussed the findings from our new qualitative study exploring at-home drinking in Ireland. Read a summary blog

Spring 2020
The role of law as part of a comprehensive alcohol strategy

In February, Dr Ollie Bartlett, Assistant Professor at the Department of Law, Maynooth University presented a paper on the role of law as part of a comprehensive alcohol strategy. Read the key takeaways

Winter 2019
Applying behavioural insights to reduce harmful drinking

For our inaugural research briefing, we proudly hosted Ed Flahavan, Policy Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team (UK). Ed navigated attendees through an interactive presentation on behaviour change theory, how it translates into practice and its application to reducing alcohol misuse. Read the key takeaways

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