Parent alcohol education workshops

Effective alcohol education requires a whole school approach that includes parents and the wider school community. Alcohol education is an ongoing process during a child’s growth and development and a parent’s influence should not be underestimated. Our workshop for parents is offered nationwide and free of charge. Due to Covid-19, this workshop is currently facilitated virtually only.

This interactive workshop features:

  • the latest research about young people and alcohol in Ireland

  • risks of early alcohol use on a teenager’s development
  • strategies parents can use to start the conversation about alcohol

  • age appropriate advice for parents to continue the conversation

  • advice for parents on being role models, boundaries, consequences and active communication.

Each parent in attendance receives a copy of our Your Children and Alcohol and Young People, Alcohol and Mental Health booklets.

When booking a parent workshop, where possible and feasible we recommend that schools consider joining together with other schools in the local area to maximise attendance, community engagement and workshop participation.

If you have a query about booking a workshop, please complete this form

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