Mission, vision, values

.. the main object for which [Drinkaware] is established is to benefit the community by preserving, protecting and promoting public health and socially-responsible behaviour by reducing alcohol misuse and related harm

Drinkaware Constitution

Our vision

An Ireland where alcohol is not misused.

Our mission

To prevent and reduce the misuse of alcohol in Ireland.

Our values

Achieving this mission requires ambition, trust, credibility, collaboration and value for money. These are our values. They act as our guiding principles and our ethical pillars, and they have underpinned Drinkaware’s work since the charity’s inception in 2016.


In a society where 44% of adults drink on a weekly basis, almost 1 in 5 binge drink and at 15 years, our children have their first alcoholic drink three years under the legal age of 18 years, our vision is certainly ambitious. But we believe Ireland can write a different story and we are singularly focused on supporting it.


89% of the general public are aware of Drinkaware as a provider of trusted information on alcohol (Behaviour & Attitudes, 2020). We take that trust very seriously as the basis of our social contract to deliver on our vision.


Our campaigns and programmes are shaped by evidence and grounded by rigorous evaluation. We deal in facts, not conjecture or myths. Our programmes are delivered by experienced professionals in the fields of education, research, health promotion and communication. And our credibility is fortified by our independence – our unequivocal governance that separates our executive from our funding. In addition to our voluntary Board, we have an independent Education Steering Group to support our education programme.


No societal issue can be solved in isolation. Positive change can only happen through collective efforts. And so at Drinkaware, collaboration is not a destination but a journey. We seek to partner, share and confer on everything we do because only then can we contribute to the change we seek.

Value for money

To be effective as a charity, Drinkaware must be efficient and must be sustainable. The rigour we apply to our programmes therefore is the same that we apply to our finances so that we can demonstrate value for money in terms of cost benefit i.e. impact.