Workplace wellness workshops

Drinkaware offers a range of workplace wellness options for organisations of all sizes. Our evidence-informed health promotion resources provide the facts about alcohol, tools to make it easier to understand drinking habits and tips to make small, positive changes to drink less or cut out alcohol to protect physical and mental health. Our workshops are interactive and designed to facilitate meaningful discussion and engagement with participants.

Here is an outline of the workshops currently available. Please note: Due to Covid-19, all workshops will take place virtually as webinars until further notice. All webinars are between 30 and 40 minutes in length.

General Workshop

    • Latest data on behaviours, attitudes and drivers of alcohol consumption in Ireland

    • HSE low-risk weekly alcohol guidelines

    • Binge drinking impact and examples

    • Alcohol’s impact on health and wellbeing
    • Benefits of moderating alcohol intake

    • Tips to drink less or cut out alcohol

    • Drink driving facts, limits and penalties

Parents Workshop

    • A shorter adaptation of our general workshop

    • Latest data on underage alcohol use in Ireland

    • Risks of early alcohol use on a teenager’s development

    • Strategies parents can use to start the conversation about alcohol

    • Advice for parents on being positive role models

Alcohol and Mental Health Workshop

    • A shorter adaptation of our general workshop

    • Overview of mental health in Ireland

    • Exploring why we drink alcohol

    • How alcohol affects the brain (mood, anxiety, depression, wellbeing)

    • Irish research on using alcohol as a coping mechanism

    • Advice for developing healthy coping strategies

Alcohol Awareness for Line Managers

    • A shorter adaptation of our general workshop

    • Definitions of alcohol abuse

    • Consequences of alcohol abuse in workplaces

    • Legislation and other considerations

    • How to deal with alcohol abuse in workplace (with case studies)

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Other workplace wellness options

Manned information stand

If you’re organising a health and wellbeing week, we can host a Drinkaware information stand where staff can come and speak to the team directly or take our resources to read and use at their leisure. Due to Covid-19, in-person events are temporarily on hold. Please contact us to discuss alternative options.

Health promotion resources

You can select what you need from our wide range of evidence-informed resources. These include booklets, our standard drink measure cup and drinks, calorie and sugar calculator. Our practical resources will help your staff to understand the impact of alcohol and make a change to their drinking habits to protect physical and mental health.

Intranet content

We can provide seasonal evidence-informed content for your internal team communications. This can help you to promote alcohol awareness throughout the year. Choose from a three, six or 12-month supply.

Download our workplace wellness info leaflet

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