Tips for staying well while working from home during Covid-19

Like a lot of people, the Drinkaware team are working from home for the moment. Which prompted us to think, how does remote working affect our health and wellness?

Here are some ideas to help us all get through this uncertain time safe and well:

  • Keep to your normal routine/ Create a new routine
    Get up at the usual time and go to bed at the usual time, so that your sleep pattern is not disrupted. If over the last year your old routine has gone out the window, why not create a new routine to help get your sleep pattern back on track, it’s never too late to form some new healthy habits.
  • Take regular breaks
    Our normal office routine includes breaks for conversations with colleagues or trips to the kitchen to make coffee, so don’t forget to take regular breaks. It’s not normal to have eight hours of uninterrupted screen time, so don’t do it at home. At the same time, try not to get distracted by housework or other activities, catch up with these at your break times.
  • Get some fresh air
    Make sure you get some fresh air and exercise if you can. Your normal commute may involve walking some of the way, or even going out to get a sandwich at lunchtime. Take advantage of working from home by getting a walk at lunchtime, or an extra gym session in your usual commuting time.
  • Mind your mental health
    Normally we have opportunities to chat to colleagues during a working day, and we value and need that social interaction. Pick up the phone or chat online to a colleague to catch up on the day. And remember, just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you have to solve any issues that arise alone.
  • Clock off at your normal time
    Don’t forget to have boundaries between work and personal time, it can be easy for things to get blurred when working from home. So, if you normally leave work at 5.30, turn your laptop off at that time instead.
  • Try not to develop bad habits
    Eat well, beware of extra trips to the fridge for snacks! Keep to your usual mealtimes. Also, don’t be tempted to drink alcohol more often because you don’t have to get up early for a commute! The HSE low-risk weekly guidelines are 11 standard drinks spread over a week for women, and 17 for men, with at least two alcohol free days.

Above all, stay well and look out for each other.